RG(Rimondi Grand) Resort & Spa is an all-suite vacation village and offers luxury spacious hotel accommodation for the perfect vacation on Crete, Greece. Our deluxe suites are ideal for a relaxing short break or long summer holidays. We offer extremely comfortable 1, 2 bedroom suites, as well as duplex villas.

Coco-Mat Mattresses. 
We did not only build great accommodations, we also furnished them with top quality material. Indeed, our mattresses are manufactured by COCO-MAT with best techniques in the industry and always respecting the environment. All their products are made from natural materials from renewable sources, such as coco fiber, natural rubber, wool, cotton, sea grass, horsehair, silk, linen, wood and goose down.

Pillow Menu. For your personal comfort you’ll also have the chance to choose your pillow from a menu. Three pillows with compartments, from COCO-MAT’s Sithon collection, will allow you to adjust the material so as to fit your body type. Sithon I is filled with flakes of natural rubber foam, providing perfect elasticity. Sithon II is made with natural rubber flakes and goose down, distributed into six, independent compartments. The neck roll contains natural rubber and supports the neck. Sithon IV has the same structure as Shiton I and it emanates a lavender scent for relaxation and stress release. Finally the Morfeas pillow will guarantee you the support and touch that only goose down can offer. The best quality is at your choice.

Our accommodations are very affordable, with competitive prices, ideal for couples, families and a small group of friends.

Here an overview of our suite hotel rooms and luxury villas…


Villa with Swimming Pool

2 Bedrooms Suite

Family Suite

Junior Suite