With temperatures that go up to 35 degrees in the summer, one of the most comfortable places to be in Crete is definitely in the water. The turquoise ocean is 25 degrees and is therefore the perfect place to hang out. The sea has many things to offer. Check out the possibilities!

Scuba diving in Crete is one of the most popular water sports in the country, especially in the summer when the fauna develops and gets richer under the heat. Until recently, diving in Crete was only authorized on designated diving areas. Greek authorities feared that divers would find archaeological underwater treasures. This has changed though; nowadays most of the island is now open for diving.

Crete has very clear water and no underwater current so the visibility is perfect. All these conditions put together make snorkeling in Crete an enjoyable experience for beginners and experts alike. You will encounter all sorts of fish and marine creatures once you enter this underwater world. Some locations are known for their plant life and colorful small fishes while others have groupers, sea turtles and even octopuses!

The region near our hotel is known for being a good place where advanced divers can visit 15-meters deep underwater caves and tunnels. Beginners are able to explore some sponge filled caves and spectacular underwater cliff drops that reach 250 meters into the deep.

There are various agencies on the island that can assist you with your diving adventures. They provide beginner-training lessons for the whole family and advanced deep-sea diving courses for experienced divers.

Enjoy the many aquatic activities near the RG Hotel and Spa in Rethymnon.