Crete can be called the ´Mediterranean pearl´ with its picturesque landscapes, long sandy beaches, olive tree plantations, gorges, mountains and blue waterfalls. This beautiful environment with rich flora will enable you to fully embrace tranquillity and achieve total relaxation. How do you make the most of your stay in Crete? We know the answer! A carefully planned trip will give you a perfect opportunity to explore the most attractive places. Here we offer you an optional selection of sights and activities to form your day trip.

Botanical Garden Crete
The park is located 20 km away from Chania at the foot of the beautiful White Mountains, the largest mountain range in Crete and a dominant feature in the west of the island. The botanical park offers splendid scenery and has 20 hectares of fruit trees, aromatic flowers, citrus groves, and therapeutic plants. What makes this unique is that every day the panorama changes and attracts various types of wildlife at different times of the year.

Samaria Gorge Walk & National Park
Samaria Gorge in Crete is considered to be one of the main sights of the island as it is the longest European gorge. It has a total length of 18 km. Situated in the White Mountains, this national park features distinctive plant and animal life. Some of the species are even protected under International Law. Moreover, visitors can take a tour that takes you through the forest with huge pine and cypress tree. Inside the gorge you will have a chance to meet its famous inhabitants, the wild goats of Crete, which are called “kri-kri”. The Cretan wild goat is endemic to Crete and it can be seen in the village of Samaria, as they often approach the houses at the edge of the village.

E4 European Walking route
Another great way to explore the nature of Crete is to take E4 European Route. This well-known path expands over the White Mountains, Psiloritis and the Dikti Mountains, from West to East across the whole island for 320 km. There is a coastal route and an alpine route, which both take place in some of the most beautiful surroundings. However, the path is recommended for the experienced trekkers, because it is not organized like the other routes in Crete. When choosing this path, be aware of its complexity and always ask locals for information, and always walk in a group.
These day trip activities are just examples, Crete offers a great number of options and a variety of places to get inspired from. Experience the real Crete at Rimondi Grand Spa Resort & Hotels, a luxury hotel in Rethymnon, Crete. The exclusive and serene setting guarantees you a tranquil and peaceful vacation. We can help you organize the most exciting day trip to explore the beautiful island of Crete!