Crete is such an incredible island that it has a never-ending source of things to do and to places to visit. Today we are going to propose a great daytrip you can take during your stay at our hotel in Rethymnon. Go a head and read all you need to know for a perfect daytrip to the Samaria Gorge National Park, Crete.

We are glad to accompany you through this Crete trekking tour. This is one of the most important tourist attractions of the island and a fantastic World’s Biosphere Reserve.

You should definitely start in the White Mountains on the Omalos plain; form where you will walk a very steep but not dangerous path, pressing on your feet and knees. You should then follow the riverbed. In the summer the gorge can be very hot and in the winter it’s closed. After 11 Km you’ll reach the smallest point of the gorge, the Iron Gate. You can then walk until the beach and take a big ferry to either Chora Sfakion or Paleochora.

Most people should have no problem making the Samaria Gorge tour. Almost everyone can make the walk if you are not pressured by time. Here is a nice testimony about this daytrip by Cynthia C travelling from UK to Crete:

“Several years ago my husband, daughter and I walked the Samaria Gorge. It was the third time we had visited Crete and this time we were determined to do the walk, having been dissuaded from doing so previous years by holiday reps who said it was too arduous for casual walkers. At the time, my husband was 60 and I was 58 and although we were used to walking distances of around 7 miles we had never attempted anything so strenuous before. However we were fine. You are given plenty of time to complete the trip and the scenery is stunning. The first part of the gorge is a fairly steep descent but is perfectly safe and as long as you were sensible footwear (one girl did the whole gorge in flit-flops) wear sunscreen and take plenty of water, most people should have no problem. At the end of the gorge there will be bars and restaurants which were a very welcome sight.”

We hope to welcome you at our resort to help you organize this incredible trip through the Samaria, Greece! Experience the real Crete at Rimondi Grand Spa Resort & Hotels, a luxury hotel in Rethymnon. The exclusive and serene setting guarantees you a tranquil and peaceful vacation.