Do you like soft white beaches, popular, yet not too crowded? In that case you should visit the Falassarna Beach, a jewel at the West coast of Crete. It is at 120 km (75 miles) from our hotel in Rethymnon.

The beach has won awards for being the Best Beach in Crete and even Best Beach in Europe. It is also one of the most famous beaches of the island and even of Europe! Its fame has made this beach rather popular, but not crowded; there is plenty of room for everybody on this large beach! Due to its remote location in the Western Chania prefecture – some 185 km (114 miles) from the Heraklion beaches- development is comparatively unobtrusive, with only beach bars to disturb the underlying sense of peace and tranquillity.

This beautifully scenic spot is located near the north-western tip of Crete, 17 km (11 miles) west of the Kissamos beaches and 60 km (37 miles) from Chania. Falassarna covers about 5km (3 miles) and lies roughly North to South with uninterrupted views.

At the southern end is a pebbly beach near the harbour, then you see the first of three strips of beautiful white sand. The southernmost one is popular for snorkelling. The long middle strip known as Pacheia Ammos, is about 1km long by 150 m wide. This is where you will find the main facilities, but even these are pretty low-key: umbrella hire, showers, some water sports, a volleyball area, plus a handful of cantinas. A few hundred metres north of the third, northernmost sandy beach are the ruins of ancient Falassarna. Here you can see sections of walls of dwellings, and an acropolis dating back to the city’s heyday in the 4th Century BC. Close to the ruins is a small, south-facing rocky cove with a pebbly beach. This is less frequented and could be a good option if you would like some privacy for topless bathing, or if you want shelter from the wind.

Falassarna Beach has a good asphalt road right up to the ample parking area. It is a 60 km drive from the Chania beaches. For those preferring local transport, there are buses from Chania or Kissamos (17km.)

So is Falassarna Beach worth the hype?

Well, it is undoubtedly very scenic. Photographers, both professional and amateur, are often enchanted by the vista; the uncannily pure Grecian light catches the fine white sand and lends the clear water a dazzling azure colour, deepening gently out to the uninterrupted horizon. Facing directly West, the sunset over the sea is very romantic and another classic for the album.

Those crystal clear waters are also great for swimming, and are longer warm than many other beautiful Greek beaches (the average water temperature peaks at around 26˚ Celsius in August and September, then falls gradually, settling to 16-18˚ Celsius from December to May).

There are even some good areas for snorkelling around the rocky cove and pebbly beach at the northern end of the beach. Here we must mention a disadvantage though, that western orientation not only makes for wonderful sunsets, but it has another important effect: when northern or western winds blow, it can feel rather exposed on the beach and the water can develop rather sizeable waves. This can be a pain while swimming, though of course, this is part of the beach’s attraction to windsurfers. If windy beaches disturb you, then you can either check the surfer’s weather forecast and try to plan your visit for a day when the wind is low or blowing in another direction, or you could find a more protected spot, such as the aforementioned small rocky cove to beyond the northern end of the beach, towards the archaeological site.

The feedback we hear most is that visitors love this beach. It’s beautiful, has the basic facilities you need and doesn’t feel too crowded. All in all, it’s well worth the journey!

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