Crete has many popular beaches, but if you prefer secluded beaches with turquoise water then you should definitely pay a visit to Peristeres beach. This wonderful beach is located on the South Coast of Crete and is rather isolated. It is one of the most picturesque beaches on Crete (Greece)! Beaches like Peristeres beach are perfect if you like to relax in a quiet beach with nothing more than the sound of the wind and the waves to lull you into sleep.

Getting to Peristeres beach

Peristeres beach is located in a rural environment on the rocky southern coast, close to Rodakino (Crete). The road to the beach will take you through rather scenic places, but the last part is rather treacherous with twisty roads so be careful! The beach can be approached on foot from Polirizos, though this is a stiff walk. We recommend driving onwards on the paved road to the west, then taking the first turn on the left, which is a dirt road that leads down to the coast.

A beach divided in two

The beach is divided into two parts by a rocky bluff. The section of beach to the east of the bluff is known as Kastellos, and the western part is connected to Agia Marina. There are attractive rocky caves nearby and the cool, clear water is just irresistible!

Facilities at the Peristeres beach

The beach is popular with nudists as it is quite secluded, though there are still a couple of taverns there (whose waiting staff have seen it all!) set back in the shade of tamarisk and other trees. These are really the only facilities on the beach. You will probably not find any other sources of shelter, so do take with you all the things you are likely to need for a day on a wild beach, unless you are prepared to spend lots of money and time in the shade of the taverns. Manolis and Elena run one of the cantinas. We have heard that the “apaki” (smoked pork) here is very good, and it has good music and a relaxed atmosphere, making it a lovely relaxed place to hide from the heat of the day!

Perfect for snorkeling!

The beach is a mixture of white sand and pebbly areas, with quite a few large rocks. There are more rocks offshore and a world of coral that has been described as a virtual aquarium! Snorkelling here is a lot of fun, so don’t forget to take your equipment with you or get some here in Rethymnon before you go. Ask at the reception if you need help or advice on the subject of snorkelling gear.

Peristeres Beach does not face the right way for sea-view sunsets, but the shifting tones of the greenery are also very beautiful.

A beach with a history

This beach was also the location of an interesting piece of history: In the final year of WWII, 2 British spies and a group of Greek resistance fighters managed to kidnap a top German general and get him off of the heavily-fortified island by boat, from this very beach. It is quite a daring, exciting story and was immortalised in the “Ill met by moonlight” film.

Abducting a German General

A group of Greek partisans and British OSS officers in German uniforms lay in wait at a “checkpoint” near Heraklion for General Heinrich Kreipe as he drove home one night. He was held at gunpoint in the foot well of the back seat, and the General’s distinctive car was driven off to the coast, with the entire party on board. One of the British commandoes impersonated him, while another posed as the driver and in this way they drove on a long distance, bluffing their way past 22 German road blocks in 90 minutes! Apparently, they made use of the fact that the General had recently created a tremendous fuss when soldiers had stopped his own car at a roadblock, so now most lowly soldiers would not dare question his own car, even on an unusual late night-cross-country drive!

Raising the moral of the Greek resistance

Though they abandoned the car with evidence to suggest they had been met by a submarine, they were still hunted and pursued by German patrols over the mountains until they finally made it to the then-lonely stretch of Peristeres beach on the south coast and a quick retrieval by a navy boat on the 14th of May 1944, which took them to Egypt. General Kreipe was interrogated but actually his information was perhaps less valuable than the magnitude of the virtual “slap in the face” for German forces’ Fortress Crete, which raised the morale of resistance fighters across the region.

Of course there is nothing remaining on the beach to suggest any of this story, really so you have to use your imagination. Life is very much easier here today – nothing to do but snorkel and work on your tan!

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