The Mediterranean Sea offers a great environment for various aquatic activities. In Rethymnon you can enjoy a dive in clear water on one of the many beaches. However, swimming is not the only fun thing to do in the sea around Rethymnon. You could go diving in Crete for example, but in this article we will focus on sailing in Crete. Let the wind drag you to fun and adventure!

History of sailing in Rethymnon
The geographical location of the city of Rethymnon created a strong bond between the sea and the local residents of the town. It started with fishing activities in order to survive, and several centuries later became an active Venetian harbour involved in various naval activities of importance.

Boat trips Crete
There are various ways to enjoy the sea and have a fun day in Rethymnon, or elsewhere depending on your expectations and your budget. Dolphin Cruises, in Rethymnon, offers some very interesting trips with small boats. You may go for visiting, swimming or even fishing.

If you are more of a sailing type then the local sailing club can provide you with some fun with a Hobie Cat. You may also hire a boat yourself, or go for a “sailing” cruise for an entire day. Such cruises will bring you to some interesting places and will give you the opportunity to swim in limpid water or simply enjoy a nice ride wind-borne.

Yacht & Sailing boat hire Crete
If you are hiring a yacht or boat you’ll need the international sailing patent, especially for the big ones. Such an experience will make you feel like Odysseus during his Odyssey! We do hope you encounter fewer Cyclopes though.

Such boat trips in Crete are mainly available in the bigger cities such as Chania or Heraklion. However, it is always possible to navigate to the Rethymnon area if you can’t stand to stay away for a few hours.

What are you waiting for? The Cretan and Libyan seas are awaiting you!

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