If you are looking for a great place to go mountain or rock climbing, Crete is the place to be! There are various options as well for beginners as for very experienced climbers. The wonderful landscapes and great views will astound you and make you ache for more.

Let us introduce or remind you the basic terms and understandings in European climbing. The levels go from 1 to 9b+. Level 1 being a very easy climbing route and level 9b+ being the most difficult route ever climbed and officially registered. If you are a beginner you will start on trails of level 3 and 4, which will give you a wonderful first taste of this amazing sport! Furthermore, there are two different approaches of climbing: “sport climbing” and “traditional climbing”.

Sport climbing involves routes on which anchors and protections are permanently installed, while traditional climbing involves routes on which you install these anchors and protections yourself. Pick up your way of climbing and go for it! Are you ready to follow us through a great trip around the best routes of Crete?

Agia Paraskevi

Agia Paraskeui is located about 1h45 by car of Rethymnon and hosts a beautiful large cave on which you will find difficult routes varying from 5c to 8b+! Sport and traditional climbing are both practiced there making the area accessible and enjoyable for as well average as experienced climbers! It is therefore one of the best places in Crete for climbing. The cave is located at a few minutes from the village of Skotino. While climbing during the summer you will surely enjoy the shadow offered by this beautiful natural cave!


Located about 45 minutes from our Resort, Plakias offers a broad range of routes varying from 4c to 8a. Most of the easier routes are prepared and will offer you a nice opportunity to go for some sport climbing in the great area of Plakias… Cretan fauna, amazing view on the sea and a nice beach to enjoy after climbing, this is what awaits you in Plakias!

Agio Markos

Agio Markos is located near the Agiofaraggo park. From beginners to advanced climbers; this site offers both sport and traditional climbing opportunities and has a perfect mix of challenges and fun. The area is great, as you will climb in a canyon overviewing laurel trees and a nice beach that you will probably enjoy after climbing!


Kapetaniana is a small isolated village in the southern part of Crete. It is considered to host the best climbing site of Crete! The site is in an amazing and typically Cretan environment! Offering a wide range of options through its 130 sport and traditional routes going from level 3 to 8a+ it is a great option for any kind of climber! If you are in a mood for very different climbing opportunities, Kapetaniana is the place to be!

Agios Ioannis (Crete)

This great Crag directly located on the Sea will give you an amazing climbing time! As sport climbing is of use there and the trails vary from 4c to 6c+ it is a great area for average climbers and beginners! Tempt yourself into climbing while having the opportunity to have a great view of the Sea. You can also visit a nice little church on top of the Crag!

Dikti Mountains Crete

The Dikti Mountains is a paradise for anyone craving for challenging traditional climbing… A great, wild and challenging environment is awaiting you there! The routes you will discover require experience and you must have at least one group member with high experience in traditional climbing in order to enjoy safely a great day of climbing! Challenge yourself and prepare for the Dikti Mountains!

Enjoy climbing in the amazing environments Crete has to offer!

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