A great restaurant with delicious food and a warm atmosphere is able to give your vacation that magical touch that will colour your future memories. Fortunately there are many wonderful places in Rethymnon where you can enjoy a great meal in a mesmerizing ambience. We therefore have made a list with some of the best dining spots, along with a great bakery tip!

Taverna Knossos Taverna Knossos serves good and healthy dishes, but can be very crowded due to its popularity. We therefore recommend you to reserve a table or talk to our reception staff to find a time of day that will be less busy. Our local staff knows the rhythms and prices of most of the local restaurants in the area, so do share your plans – our staff will be happy to give you more detailed advice and suggestions.

Alana restaurant
A perfect relaxed meal can be enjoyed at this atmospheric crumbly old courtyard in the old town. The fare is a mixture of traditional Cretan and Mediterranean dishes, with a great selection of salads. The prices are a little above the prices of the taverns, but less that the really exclusive places. The portions are quite generous, but the menu can be a little confusing, so you may need to ask the waiting staff for help. The ladies tell us that they are very good looking, by the way!

This is a distinctive restaurant in a 16th Century building that has held its elegance throughout the centuries. It also has a charming courtyard and even spills out onto the streets for optimal people watching. The choice of food is standard Greek and Mediterranean fare with great sauces and wonderful oven-baked fish. The real attraction, according to some of our guests, is the atmosphere. It is warm and friendly, great for families with children especially, though romantic couples will definitely not feel as if they have found themselves in a fast food restaurant chain!

The Lemon Tree Garden
This place was new to us, but it seems to be a firm favourite with many of our guests. There is a garden that does indeed have Lemon trees and also provides a pleasant shady area for dining. The food is traditional Greek cuisine, with some set menus to make things easier, in addition to a la carte. You can als enjoy some Cretan wine here. We have heard that the starters are wonderful and that they make a great lamb kleftiko. The menu also has some good options for vegetarian guests.

Taverna Othonas
Don’t be fooled by its appearance, this is a classy establishment in Rethymnon Crete. Reviews of many visitors tell us that this is a very high quality dining spot. Mr Othonos is very kind and welcoming and comes out to seat guests personally. Patrons have sung the praises of the great quality, which you can really taste in the salads. Quite a few patrons mentioned coming back again and again every year or even frequenting this restaurant for lunch and dinner every day of their holiday, so they must be doing something right.

Ristorante Paggliaccio
Here we present something rather different – an Italian restaurant, but we make no bones about it. It is just 50 metres from the sea, right on the tourist promenade. This is what a lot of the visitors recognise and love and the fare here is definitely very good! They make fantastic thin, crispy pizza and the tiramisu is also delicious. Of particular note, is that the service here is really top-notch- absolutely everyone mentions that the staff hit just the right note of friendliness and attentiveness – not the easiest thing to achieve with such a multi-national clientele! The frozen beer glasses are also a nice touch!

Yiorgos Hatziparaskos Bakery
The final one that we mention is not a restaurant as such, rather a sweet snack stop, but our guests rave about it, so it is definitely a must-see, or rather must-try aspect of the nearly forgotten old ways of Greek Cuisine. The proprietor Yiorgos has 66 years of experience and is perhaps the last of great filo pastry master to use the traditional ways. All the fine and delicate filo pastries are made by Yiorgos himself in his old-style bakery. You can see here how he lofts the dough into a massive bubble prior to stretching it over the worktop. His wife Katerina brings passers-by to see how it is done and to taste the best baklava and kataifi in the country!

We hope to have given you some food for thought, as they say. Now do try some of these places and let us know what you think of them.

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