Are you going to spend the summer in Crete and are you looking for a beautiful secluded beach with white sand and crystal blue waters? A beach that makes the bounty feeling come to life? In that case we recommend you to go to Agios Pavlos, also called St. Paul Sandhills Beach. This idyllic place is a short 90 minutes drive from our hotel in Rethymnon.

One of the best beaches in Greece
According to many people St. Paul Sandhills Beach is one of the 10 best beaches in Greece. It is located at the south coast and offers all the advantages of a secluded beach. You can even choose to wear no clothes at all! It is located at one of the narrowest parts of the island, so it is not far from the hustle and bustle and all the facilities of the northern coast. The name “Sandhills” derives from the large sand dunes that run up behind the beach. Agios Pavlos or St. Paul, is actually the name of the nearest village to the east, on the other side of the dunes. The beach however can easily be reached from Triopetra to the west, along the coast.

Getting at St. Sandhills beach
The beach is located at about 65 km away from our hotel. You basically follow the main road south from Rethymnon all the way down to the village of St. Paul or Agios Pavlos on the south coast. Most people park there and cross the dunes to get to the beach. There are no facilities, but the village is not far away, which is handy if you need basic supplies.

Perfect for snorkelling
Although the Akoumianos (one of the rivers in Crete) entering into the bay does make the water a fraction cooler than other southerly beaches, the water temperature never drops below 15 degrees, even in the winter. The sand hills or rather sand dunes of the beach provide reasonable cover from the wind most of the time. It is the perfect place for snorkelling. In Crete there are many stores where you can buy snorkelling items. So get a mask, a breathing tube and swim fins and look at the beautiful coral and aquatic plants. If you are able to get deeper into the water you might even glimpse needlefishes or seahorses. There are also sea urchins and other unpleasant sea creatures, so we advice you to keep your distance!

Nude bathing
St. Paul Sandhills beach is a clothing-optional beach, which means: nude bathing is quite normal, though it is best to be as discrete as possible. Luckily this beach is enormous, so most people don’t have trouble finding their own space and the nudists can relax without being disturbed.

The perfect spot for a marriage proposal
The high dunes and rocks offer great views and the sunsets of this spectacular natural bay are downright gorgeous. If you want to do some relaxing exercises you can attend a yoga or tai chi course in the yoga-centre nearby. The beach is also a great place for a romantic interlude. Many visitors find it the perfect spot for a marriage proposal. Are you going to spend your vacation in Crete and are you looking for a 4-star hotel in Rethymnon? Rimondi Grand Resort and Spa is a luxurious boutique hotel in Rethymnon with all the facilities you need for a perfect stay.