Searching for the best beach, Crete is a perfect location to consider. Here is a list of the most beautiful beaches in the wonderful prefecture Rethymnon. Maybe the location for your dream beach vacation can be found in this collection!

Bali – Yes you read right, you can have Bali in Crete and it is just as beautiful as the island in Indonesia. The Bali bay consists of four sand and pebble beaches. It is situated only 30 kilometers from Rethymno town and has plenty of facilities.

St. Paul Sandhills – This is one of the most amazing beaches of Crete, located 50 km outside Rethymno town. The beach is formed between the Akoumianos River and the edge of Melissa Cape. The bay is absolutely fantastic with its wild majestic landscape and enormous sand hills. The beach is ideal for snorkelling and the sunset is stunning.

Gerani Beach – Crete has a lot of beaches to offer with different appealing advantages. Gerani is perfect for snorkelling and a must do when you are exploring the area. Beneath the bridge of Gerani you can have good food and drinks in the tavern. It is one of the smallest but most real Cretan beaches on the island.

Rethymnon Beach – The beach of Rethymnon is the most known beach of the area. It starts inside the city and extends to the west (about 12 km). Close to Rethymno it is mostly crowded, but further towards the west it gets quieter. The water is clean and you can do all kinds of water sports.

RG Beach – The RG (Rimondi Grand) Resort also offers its guests a private beach, which can be reached by the cart service the hotel offers. The beautiful white sand and the quiet strip are only reachable for their guests and that makes it one of the most exclusive beaches of the island.

Besides these wonderful beaches, there are a lot more places to discover like the Pirates’ Fjord, Episkopi Beach, St. George, Adelianos Kampos and Panormos Beach.

Now it is on you to choose your personal best of Rethymnon beaches! Book your trip now! For more information over RG Resort & Spa, check out our website.