The RG (Rimondi Grand) hotel guarantees top quality and the best in customer care, services and products. To achieve this high expectation we select the very best products, both international and local, to serve at our hotel in Rethymnon. Since the majority of our guests like to start the day with coffee, this is where our pursuit of excellence starts.

We serve traditional Cretan coffee and a coffee made by a well-known international brand: the Mokarico Firenze coffee.

Here are 5 reasons why we choose Mokarico:
It’s environmental friendly. Mokarico is the first and only roasting coffee firm in the world with certified quality system ISO 9001, ISO 14001 (Environmental) and SA 8000 (Ethics) through the Italian National Espresso Institute.

It’s Italian. No need to argue, they are the champions when it comes to coffee. They have mastered the cultivation, the extraction technique and the recipe. When you need coffee, go for Italian coffee. Furthermore, Mokarico Firenze has been making coffee for more than a hundred years since they started brewing as a family in Florence.

It’s trained. Because they simply want to offer the best coffee in the world, they go beyond the delivery of the goods and stick around to offer barista coffee training. The courses are extensive, from courses for coffee tasting, EIS course (Italian Espresso Specialist), and the basics of the coffee: from the plant to the cup, the right preparation of the Espresso.

It’s eclectic. Because having a choice is always a good thing, you can choose which blend you want to discover with 7 different flavors. Mokarico, Arabica, Bar, Columbia, Rossa, Decaffeinated and Organic.

It’s awarded. 3 out of their 7 blends have received international awards. The International Institute of Coffee Tasters gave the Golden Medal the Mokarico in 2006. The Columbia brand is the International Coffee Tasting (ICT) 2006 winner for Espresso home category and the Bar blend won the Golden Medal at the International Coffee Tasting (ICT) in 2008.

You can see that we put a lot of thought into what coffee to serve our clients and that we select the very best. If you would rather go for something different, you can always opt for a fantastic Cretan coffee.