There are plenty of eccentric festivals in Crete throughout the year. One of the festivals you will want to visit this autumn is the Chestnut Festival. This year the festival will take place from the 26th till the 28th of October. The Chestnut Festival is celebrated in the village of Elos, close to Kissamos on the west of Crete, about an hour away from our hotel.

To mark the coming autumn and proudly demonstrate the chestnut harvest, the local population devotes special attention to the Chestnut Festival. This small, but authentic happening, gives Elos a chance to show off its chestnut produce and attract quite some curious visitors over the weekend, which is reserved for this extraordinary event. Travelers can expect music, dancing, eating and drinking as essential parts of the celebration. Let us not forget the great food as well!

During the festival you can try a variety of savory chestnut dishes. Such delicacies include sweet chestnuts roasted in charcoal braziers and many other chestnut sweets and pastries. Tsikoudia, a traditional Cretan alcoholic beverage based on Raki and honey, is offered to accompany these festive days.

You can expect local entertainment and dancing in traditional costumes on the streets as a part of celebration. The Chestnut Festival is recommended for those travelers who want to experience local flavors and immerse themselves into Crete culture, away from the common tourist spots.

Come to Crete this autumn and you will see how stunning this Mediterranean island is during this peaceful time. Stay with us at our luxury Crete beach resort in Rethymnon and we guarantee you a lot of memorable moments and the best holidays!