Bali Beach can be perfect for an afternoon or night visit plan. Especially during a windy day this is your perfect destination, as this small bay is generally not affected. Although it is not the widest beach in Crete, it is still definitely worth visiting during your stay at our hotel in Rethymnon. You don’t know what to do in Rethymnon? Enjoy a morning of relax in the big pool of Rimondi Grand Hotel, have a delicious lunch at our hotel and go to the Bali beach around 3 pm. In our article you’ll find everything you need to know to complete a fantastic day at the beach.

Here is the short version of the program: sunbath, diving, dinner on the beach and a drink at one of the best clubs in the Village.

Visit the top beaches in Crete at the Bali Bay
Bali bay has 5 beaches: Livadi, Kouskouras, Varkotopos, Limani, Karavostasis.

If you are looking for an organized beach you should definitely go for the Varkotopos beach, the Livadi Beach or the Limani beach. Varkotopos, is a beautiful beach with sand and gravel in front. Very well organized and busy, it is ideal for families with kids: the waters are shallow and all the necessary amenities are nearby. The Livadi beach is formed in an open bay. It is very well organized and always crowded. In the northern part of the gulf you’ll find the Limani beach, which is close to many restaurants and shops.

If you are looking for a wider beach you have two great options: Karavostasis and Kouskouras. Karavostasis is the last beach you’ll find. It is the most beautiful beach of the area. It is much smaller than the other bays, which makes it seem crowded. It’s well organized, but less than the others. At the east end of Livadi, there are the two separate small beaches of Kouskouras. These are not organized and therefore never busy. You definitely want to pic this one if you are looking for relax.

After you have relaxed on the beach and spent a couple of hours in the sun, its time for… diving!

If you want to dive you have two options. If you have brought your own diving equipment it is going to be easy… Stand up from your towel, get in the diving suit and put yourself in the sea. Start swimming in the direction of the first rocks in front of you. There you’ll have the chance to see nice fishes and if you are very lucky a sea turtle…

Your second option is to go on an arranged dive. Go to the port and follow the sign next to the cruise booking office. Here you can buy a three-hour excursion in a near deep rock area at a reasonable price.

Restaurants in Rethymnon Crete
After the refreshing bath you must be hungry. It is time to enjoy a nice meal. But, where can you get one?

You’ll find Café Bar Posto right on the Bali Beach. It offers spectacular views.

The food from the menu (especially the Cretan salads, mixed variety and Pizzas) are delicious and definitely worth your money. You’ll have internet access, a very welcoming ambience and a very friendly staff. After dinner you can go to the lounge terrace and have a drink or a cool shake.

If you prefer a more dynamic environment, then you should dive into the local nightlife.

Best nightlife in Crete
There are a couple of nightclubs in the area. These clubs generally open around 22,30 pm. They have a nice ambience and the drinks are about 5 €. You can also go to one of the many bars near the beach. Here you can often enjoy live music and other entertainment.

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