Of all the activities you can do in Crete, cycling is the best way to get to know the surrounding areas. You can easily travel by bike from one point to another and pass through picturesque roads where cars simply can’t. But most importantly: cycling is fun! Just peddling along and feeling the wind in your hair! Here at Rethymnon you can rent a bike and plan your own half-day or whole-day trip. Here are some suggestions.

Renting a bike in Rethymnon

Walking around town, you will come across shops offering bicycle and moped rental. The best–known bike rental in Crete is Olympic Bike; located near the coast, in the eastern part of Rethymnon town. It is halfway between the Venetian harbour and our hotel. Top quality mountain bikes are available for 1 day or multi-day rental, with prices starting at about €25 a day. This is a trustworthy company, who can deliver bikes in the local area, (which includes our hotel), their rented bikes all come with a little repair kit to make sure that one flat tyre won’t ruin everyone’s fun. The company also organizes guided tours.

If you would like to push yourself and see some sights by pedal power, here are some possible routes, (courtesy of the website suite 101):

Local Routes

Rethymnon to Arkadi – 47km

This route leads through the tourist village of Platania, and then it climbs south through a dramatic mountainous area dotted with scenic villages with Venetian manors. Arkadi itself is a beautifully restored monastery.

Rethymnon to Kastellos – 27km

A quick ride through mountain villages, including the restored monastery of Peter and Paul, the post-Minoan burial ground at Armeni and a forest of cultivated oaks.

Rethymnon to Argyroupoli (Crete) and back to Rethymnon – 48km
This route starts as a coastal route and then turns south into the natural interior at the Petre Bridge. Continuing south for Karoti, it passes many Byzantine churches as you move on towards to Episkopi and Argyroupoli, to enjoy the Venetian monuments.

If you start and finish your trip in Rethymnon town, then you may also be able to reach some nice areas rather further afield, (such as Plakias or Lake Kournas). The trips mentioned above are most pleasant in the spring or autumn, when midday temperatures are not so high. In the high summer, it is still possible to cycle, of course, but it is advisable to plan your day so as to keep the roasting to a minimum. We advise you to start very early in the morning, plan a rest in the shade over the middle of the day and return in the cool of the evening, dependant on safety, visibility and any deadlines for returning bicycles.

We do advise for any length of cycle trip, that you bring along: Swimsuit and towel, sunglasses, plenty of water and a telephone in case of contingencies.

Cycling around Rethymnon town

Whether organized excursions or independent tours, a lot of people enjoy a day on a bike, wandering around the beautiful old town of Rethymnon itself and enjoying the Rethymnon attractions. You can cycle along the esplanade on a decent redbrick cycle path, quite separate from the road and the pedestrian walkway. It is well lit with decorative lampposts and lined with short, bulbous palms trees. The harbour is not far away, so in just a short while you can be right alongside all the yachts jostling for position in the busy harbour. It’s fun to peddle slowly along; examining all the boats to decide which one is your dreamboat! There are many different boats. There is even a sizeable wooden sailing schooner that looks ancient from a distance, but is actually a modern mock-up of a pirate ship, used for pleasure cruises. If the Children are fans of Captain Jack Sparrow, then this is just the ticket for later!

However and wherever you fancy doing your bike ride, do make a point of discussing it with the staff at our hotel. They may be able to help with hints and tips, and information such as the weather forecast. Happy trails!

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